A Management/Technical Consulting Practice
"Dedicated to the Pursuit of our Client's Success"

Corporate Offices Greenville SC 864-370-0213
West Coast Office, Reno, NV 775-851-1532


Employs a wide range of HGP's proven practice areas to solve energy-related issues, whether it be a plant forced outage, poor heat rate, acquisition or divestiture of generation or high voltage transmission, or analysis of energy costs. HGP often teams with strategic alliances to perform Energy Services to meet our Client's objectives.

HGP's areas of support include the following:

    • Asset Identification and Deal Formulation Conceptualization
    • Letter Of Intent (LOI) Or Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) Negotiations
    • Financial Modeling Nd Projections With Review Of Key Financial Performance Ratios To Evaluate Asset Performance
    • Risk Evaluation
  • Material Adverse Effects (Mae) Quantification, Evaluation, and Mitigation Strategies
  • Scenario Development and Presentations
    • Conceptual Planning, Estimating and Risk Evaluations
    • Physical Assets Evaluations (Facility Types Include: Commercial Nuclear, Hydro, Fossil, Alternative Energy, Transmission & Distribution)
  • O&M Analysis
  • Capital Analysis
  • Conceptual Design
  • Decommissioning
  • Management Information System (MIS) and Technical Information System (TIS) Analysis
  • Environmental Audits / Analysis
  • Safety Compliance Analysis
  • Regulatory (State and Federal) Performance Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Strategic Defense Concept Development and Deployment
    • Project Management Monitoring and Controls
  • Engineering (Capital / Expense Modifications)
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
    • Transition Planning
    • Periodic Performance Monitoring
    • Programmatic / Process Development
  • Technical Controls
  • Engineering
  • Environmental
  • Safety
  • Quality Controls
  • Business Process
  • Administration
  • Finance
    • Technical and Management Information Systems (TIS / MIS) Development
  • Maintenance Planning
  • PM / CM
  • Statistical Evaluations
  • Planned Outage and Forced Outage Schedule Development
  • Spare Parts Analysis
    • Dispute Resolution
  • Independent Evaluation
  • Negotiation / Facilitation Assistance
  • Expert Testimony
  • Demonstrative Exhibit Development
  • White Paper Development


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