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At HGP we define Practice as the exercise of our profession as technical managers, engineers, accountants, environmentalists, and analysts. Practice involves the application of knowledge and experience to a particular task.

Assisting our clients in the planning, implementation and realization of their renewable energy goals. HGP specializes in the front-end development such as site selection, economic modeling, risk and fatal flaw analysis, permitting, energy and labor cost surveys, local community outreach programs, site survey and acquisition, project development plan development, pre-qualification of architects, engineers and construction firms, and execution and monitoring. 

Practice is focused on supporting the strategic goals and objectives of our clients, including Identification, Development of Initiatives, Target Screening, Facility Due Diligence Reviews, Economic and Risk Evaluations, and Fatal Flaw Analyses.

Practice involves a detailed method for formulating and focusing actions for accomplishment of a strategic competitive advantage.

Practice is focused on those actions necessary to accomplish the stated goals and objectives by managing, directing, and motivating those assigned to the project or program.

Practice implements those actions necessary to accurately reflect, emulate and evaluate the "economic" viability of a project or a decision based on financial and economic criteria.

Practice employs proven approaches to solving a variety of technical issues: Engineering, Mechanical, HVAC, Electrical, I&C and Startup/Commissioning. Our technical audit experience includes verification and validation of the underlying basis, both process controls and results, to support Sarbanes Oxley.

Practice involves objectively evaluating the client's business activities against the stated business objectives, the client's organization, or part he/she wishes to evaluate. People and effective cost competitive programs/tools are the main focus areas.

Practice is focused on providing our clients with the analysis, information and testimony necessary to explain complex issues to a Mediator, Arbitrator, or Judge/Jury in a Regulatory Proceeding or Civil Litigation.

Practice involves assisting our clients to properly identify and apply the appropriate "risk" related methodologies and techniques to their particular business application.

Employs a wide range of HGP's proven practice areas to solve energy-related issues, whether it be a plant forced outage, poor heat rate, acquisition or divestiture of generation or high voltage transmission, or analysis of energy costs.

Practice focuses on providing our clients with detailed analyses and management of all aspects of any regulatory or rate case proceeding. We also perform in-depth Cost Unbundling & Asset Separation and Operation & Management Audits.

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