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Ongoing Service-HGP Inc continues to offer our Client Vehicle Support Consulting and Custom builds

HGP, Inc continues to offer Customer Vehicle Support Consulting. We have been performing this work for over forty (40) years as individuals and this practice area includes following Services. We have built about two to three vehicles a year for the last few years and hope to hit five (5) in 2023 and MORE in 2024.

1- Vehicle Owner Support Consulting (VOSC):

a. Inspection of vehicle for Owner for issues

i. For Owner to perform preventative or corrective maintenance
ii. For Owner to Sell (see Item No.2 below)
iii. For Owner to upgrade or restore
iv. For Owner to Value for insurance

b. Short term storage and sales support facilitation

c. Repair and restoration assistance for vehicle builds

i. Access to shop with car lift
ii. Access to shop with welding capability
iii. Access to shop for Owner assisted PM/CM
iv. Other

d. Other upon request (engine upgrades, interior upgrades/restoration, suspension upgrades, body modifications)

Some of this work is done thru proven reliable qualified vendors that HGP has utilized over the years in the Greenville, South Carolina area.

2- Vehicle barter and or Sales consulting support:

a. Marketing support for sale or barter (exchange, trades, cash)

b. Price determination

c. Identification of barter deals for vehicle for owner

d. Condition assessment and recommendations to maximize value

e. Vehicle procurement (buying) services

i. Find a desired vehicle to purchase
ii. Assist in purchase
iii. Inspection vehicle (PME Inc or a contractor hired by PME Inc.)
iv. Review vehicle inspection Report

3- Transportation Vehicle consulting

a. Long distance (over 120 miles) Transport service recommendations

b. Local Transport (under 120 miles

4- Other upon Request and mutual agreement



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