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Best of Success for the balance of 2023

We all need to hold Biden and Trump (if found guilty) Accountable!

It is highly probable that Biden will be impeached by the House of Representatives by the end of 2023 or early 2024 (I was wrong on my last prediction Rhino’s stalling) for “Dereliction of Duty on the Southern Border” and the numerous other high crimes he participated in while he was VP under former POTUS Obama-who KNEW what Biden was up to all along just like he LIED about Hillary’s emails.

Maybe some other charges that will be uncovered as well Appears that Treason is going to be added. Will we see if some of the reasonable Democrat Senators Uphold the Constitution and the Rule of Law when all the evidence is finally disclosed to the Public and Congress and vote to IMPEACH BIDEN as POTUS he more that deserves it?

We also all need to ask where is AG Garland and why has he not appointed a “Real Independent Counsel” (no one can take 5 years to investigate Hunter as as he did with Trump to investigate Hunter and Joe Biden given the amount of factual evidence that has been disclosed and verified?




The National Main Stream press Continues to be a total disgrace, they are not fact based and have done little in the way of investigative reporting. The National News Media Continues to spew the same (almost as robots) Democratic talking points that are largely divisive and FEAR based. It is due time that to end this travesty by not watching any of their stations and publications. The election coverage as absurd.

I am an Independent and all of us at HGP Inc try and vote for the Best Candidate that has common sense solutions to abundant amount of problems and issues that the USA is experiencing.

Common Sense Policies and Pragmatic Solutions are a MUST for USA to continue to be Great country!

Clearly for the majority of us in the USA Biden has over and over again demonstrated he DOES not appear to be coherent, nor does he have any common sense, demonstrates he is senile, and Lies repeatedly.

Biden continues to allow the USA to be invaded on purpose by not enforcing our laws and is disloyal to all of us in the USA who did not vote for him and those who voted for him despite promising to be a unifier. He is wasting our tax payer dollars and worse putting LIVES in danger!

Biden has from the outset opened up the USA’s borders and has stopped enforcing the law that he took an Oath of Office to uphold. The USA is being invaded and our tax dollars are being GIVEN to illegal aliens due to BIDEN’s dereliction of duty.

Biden has shut down oil pipelines which actually hurt the environment and USA and world economy and he has now threatened to close all the COAL generation plants in the USA that would keep great paying jobs.

Worst of all he is helping Ukraine and China not the USA like the Maui Folks?

And yet those in Congress have so far failed to hold Biden accountable for his disastrous Policy’s and ineptness and utter incompetence that are hurting all of us not just in the USA but worldwide!

Time for the new Congress to act and impeach Biden ASAP and move on ASAP!

The USA’s National Deficit is now at another All-time high despite what Biden states. We all know under “President Biden’s Spend and Tax more approach” the nations deficit will go much higher due the next round of Government relief packages and other measures that Congress will pass most likely using reconciliation not bi-partisan agreement (so much for Biden rhetoric), and Biden said after the November 2022 elections he will not change course? What a senile idiot.

Most of the other democrat policy initiatives that Biden champions have little to no common sense nor are they fully thought out as to their impact. These poor policies and executive orders have and will cost the USA a fortune and Biden’s actions so far will not help the USA or any of us Taxpayers.

We ALL should now realize that Biden has proven be a total adjunct failure as POTUS. Inflation still is running over six percent and as high as eight year over year. Biden has already cost USA over 10,000 jobs and increased environmental pollution when he, via executive order shut down the Keystone Pipeline down again. Biden is a total hypocrite did not look at the facts and impact it would have on the USA’s jobs (direct and indirect) and the environment.

No real Leadership has been shown by Biden to date except caving to the left’s demands and hurting the USA and its citizens as well as the world with very poor policies that have had HUGE impact on jobs and our country’s future. I currently own an electric car (Lucid Air GT) however we need a solid realistic Plan to transition the USA to newer forms of clean energy not Idiotic Edicts that hurt all of the USA and the world.

We have gone electric – and our 2022 Lucid Air GT range at 100% charge still is getting 532 miles-However the EV charging network is terrible and Electrify America (EA) is a joke in terms of reliability and customer service-Thank Obama on the VW diesel gate settlement it is NOT working for us..

Transparency and Accountability are the key for all of us to have FAITH in the System right now. We all know we have the worst two party’s in Washington D.C. and the USA NEEDs a new third major Party in the USA NOW- The COMMON SENSE PARTY (CPS) that treats all of us equally and with justice for all not just some and term limits, transparency and accountability and TERM LIMITS. THINK about common sense solutions to our problems that are balanced, fair and equitable for the country.

On the 2020 Election debacle-Let’s finally get the facts and the publish them out in the open- after years of fake news and press saying it is the BIG LIE. We need a fact based fact based investigation and independent report into the 2020 election results -Some of the statistics are quite amazing if you look at them objectively. Time we had an independent audit of the 2020 election, what federal and state laws were broken, if and where was fraud why was it not investigated and why didn’t the SCOTUS act to protect the USA?

We suggest that initially focus this independent audit should be limited to just the key swing states and let Public see results ASAP, and this should take no more than 3 months to do and then take action or accept the results.



We also need one set of laws that are equally applied and enforced on all us. Accountability and Law and Order must be restored and maintained for the USA to get back on track. We all know Biden and his current political hack of an AG Garland (and his special counsel) will do their very best to make the investigations into Trump his family and not do anything proactive about the 2020 elections as well the AG and FBI lack of Investigating Biden’s son Hunter and “The Big Guy” (Joe “Plugs” Biden himself’) despite the overwhelming evidence that Joe Biden Lied and took money while he was VP and maybe now senile and beholding to other country’s than the USA.

All of us at HGP Inc. want to wish all of our old, new, and potential


We wish you a safe remainder of 2023, and successful 2024.

It will be down Hill for the USA a while longer in 2023 with President Biden as POUTS the USA nee/2024 we need a Major change in Direction USA ASAP for sure!

Fred W. Giffels, CEO-Executive Consultant

Thank you for visiting our web site and Be Safe!

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