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Best of Luck and Success in 2021 we all need it!

The COVID-19 pandemic has been THE World Wide Headline Story and is responsible for causing massive human suffering since at least February 2020 but a vaccine due to operation warp speed is now being distributed and given to the Public (first responders and front line medical workers then the most vulnerable).

The death rates are still very high but most are suffering from Underlying conditions but not all. The national press has been a total disgrace not fact based but FEAR based. Lockdowns do not work they just hurt small business and delay crowd immunity from occurring.


The National Deficit is now at another All-time high, and will go much higher due the next round of Government relief that should have been passed but Nasty Nancy Pelosi is a very poor excuse for a leader and one of the worst Speaker of the House in history she is all politics, get Trump 100% of the time, fake sympathy and compassion, hypocrite, she is a very poor excuse for a Catholic who firmly support the poor and sick.

For the Sake of the country we all know Nasty Nancy is well past her sell by date now in her 80’s and it is time for new leadership NOW!

1/13/2021-Trump has been impeached by the House of Representatives for the second time. This without any hearing on the facts just a lot of political pressure and Zero leadership from President Elect Biden.
So much for healing the country! We have to get the country moving in the right direction and this is not going to help any of us do that.


Trump appears to have LOST on his last set of legal appeals to what to most of us statistically looks like it may have been a very fraudulent election. Transparency and accountability are the key for all of us to have FAITH in the System right now we have the worst two party’s in Washington we NEED a new Party COMMON SENSE PARTY (CPS) that treats all of us equally and with justice for all not just some.

Some of the statistics are quite amazing if you look at the facts.



It is also too late and well overdue for the AG to clean house inside the DOJ and the FBI. The former AG Barr never did fire the people nor hold them accountable and or relay investigate and then if the evidence proves they are culpable prosecute the key current and former players inside the DOJ and FBI as well as the Trump Administration and former Obama administration officials for what has occurred over the last few years. Total Waste and disgrace of tax payer’s money.

AG Barr Finally did almost nothing to hold the establishment DEEP State Characters ACCOUNTABILE for the lies and money and lives wasted past and current Government Officials that must be restored and maintained.

All of us at HGP Inc. want to wish all of our old, new, and potential Clients a prosperous and safe, and successful 2021

It will be a wild one with President Biden for sure!

Fred W. Giffels, CEO-Executive Consultant
Thank you for visiting our web site and Be Safe!

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