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The COVID-19 pandemic has been THE World Wide Headline Story and is responsible for causing massive human suffering since February 2020.

If CHINA and WHO (World Health Organization) were transparent and honest much when this first appeared in Wuhan, China earlier it would have been in fall of 2019 that the World knew just how contagious and potentially deadly (to some members with underlying conditions in our populations) September or October 2019 at the latest, and allowed the WORLD to team up and mitigate this outbreak.  This knowledge may have helped the world avoid hundreds of thousands of deaths and ten’s millions of lost jobs.


The stop gap “safe distance” Public policy measure (stay at home and when out and about for food or vital essential visits stay 6 to 10 feet apart) the majority national response appears to have mitigated the virus’s spread at this juncture- however the death toll remains high.


As FOX’s-Tucker Carlson has commented for weeks-COVID-19 Death toll may not in the end be high enough to justify the INCREDBILE damage to the USA and World Wide Economy’s.  

As of right now the “virus models” have been “way off from the facts (what has occurred) and flawed predictions have resulted” in bad decision making. The models have been off by multiple numerical factors. This has caused the Federal/State and Local Politicians to make very very poor ill informed decisions with little public input- that have crippled the USA’s once roaring economy. The National Press does NOT cover the underlying FACTs of COVID-19 but always goes for the sensational headline sound bite “COVID-19 death rate soars”. We now (as of 4/9/2020) appear to have “peaked” in terms of infections and hospital admissions but not the final death count.

This is not helping the USA nor the world.  What is needed is fact based Solutions and a reasoned approach to address the REAL threat to the USA and the World. The USA needs a well vetted plan to emerge from this disaster ASAP and a Fact based “Lessons-Learned (LL)”, including the recommended accountability for China and WHO are much needed. This LL should be done by an Independent panel of USA Citizens joined by citizens of the country’s most impacted by this debacle we call COVID-19.


The WHO (World Health Organization) put out bad data in January 2020 that no human to human contact existed in China- then scared the world into this quarantine with predictions of 3% to5% death rates as compared to Influenza of ~1.5% the death rate from COVID-19 as of early April 2020 it now appears COVID-19 death rates (although any deaths are too many) to be much much less than WHO predicted.


The National Deficit is now at another All-time high, and may go much higher due the relief that was just passed for the USA businesses and workers-over $2 BILLIION Dollars that was recently passed by Congress.

The Senate just passed a $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package. Here’s what’s in it.


Trump and Congress have done very little to-date to recognize the nation’s incredible growing deficit in terms of spending policy’s or practice nor have they come up with a plan to exit the country and economy recover from CORVID-19 Debacle. It is high time to make some “adult” well-reasoned decisions on how to address the national deficit to save our country and our children’s future from certain calamity



It is also well overdue for the AG to clean house inside the DOJ and the FBI. The AG MUST fire the people and hold them accountable and investigate and then if the evidence proves they are culpable prosecute the key current and former players inside the DOJ and FBI as well as the Trump Administration and former Obama administration officials for what has occurred over the last few years. Total Waste and disgrace of tax payer’s money.

Let’s hope that AG Barr Finally gets the long awaited and deserved prosecutions underway as it is NOW April 2020 and nothing has occurred in MONTHS that even remotely looks like fairness and justice for ALL let alone the establishment of ACCOUNTABILITY for past and current Government Officials that must be restored and maintained. 

All of us at HGP Inc. want to wish all of our old, new, and potential Clients a prosperous and safe, and successful 2020 and a Better 2021!

Fred W. Giffels, CEO-Executive Consultant

Thank you for visiting our web site and Be Safe!


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