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Best of Success for 2019!

Effective Project and Program Management will be of the utmost importance in 2019 as the risks are growing across almost all industry segments.

The National Deficit is at an all-time high, largely due to Former President Obama, however President Trump and Congress has done little to reduce nor recognize the nation’s growing deficit in terms of spending policy’s or practice. The National Debt is hanging over the entire country with little to no plan to address the impact from an inept Congress that is power hungry not yet accountable.


President Barack Obama had the largest deficits. By the end of his final budget, FY 2017, his deficits were $6.785 trillion- President Barack Obama: Total = $6.785 trillion, a 57 percent increase.

President Donald Trump: Total Actual plus Budgeted = $5.683 trillion, almost as much in one term as Obama added in two. That's one reason why so many argue whether Trump or Obama is better for the economy. This would be a 35 percent increase, putting him in the top 10 list.

It is well overdue for the DOJ and the FBI to clean house and investigate and then prosecute the key players inside the DOJ and FBI as well as the Trump and former Obama administrations for what has occurred over the last few years. Let’s hope the new Attorney General has one set of laws for all citizens and enforces them equally and justly and above all ACCOUNTABILTY. 

The country is seriously divided and it starts with the total LACK of any accountability or fair play under the law. The Democrats need better solutions to help the County. The Hate President Trump movement needs to move on and grow up and offer all of us in the County some new well thought out paths forward and then have an open dialogue to discuss and vote and implement.

President Trump and the Republicans need to get in place solutions that place transparency and accountability at the forefront.

No balanced BUDGETs has been submitted to-date. nor any real constraints to the ludicrous spending and ZERO fiscal responsibility has been demonstrated by EITHER PATRY to date. This will sooner than later have a huge impact on the USA and our children.

Many of our Clients are now proceeding with their large capital projects based on working with a very controversial President and uncertain economy and a divided Congress and Country.

HGP continues to strongly suggests that President Trump create for the country

A USA Comprehensive National Energy Policy (CNEP).

The current Administration has started to make America Energy Independent by eliminating many of the regulations and other constraints on our country’s resources by utilizing all forms of energy (renewables, nuclear, gas, coal, and other) and for the first time the USA is a net exporting of oil to the world.

The CNEP will need to be updated every two years based on technology and market developments to keep America on track and competitive in the world.

Trump has said …“Under my Presidency, we will accomplish complete American energy independence.

All of us at HGP Inc. want to wish all of our old, new, and potential Clients a prosperous and safe, and successful 2019!

Fred W. Giffels, CEO-Executive Consultant

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