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A Warm Welcome to all HGP’s Clients and Visitors and

Best of Success for 2017!

Our Clients are still hoping for some sense of predictability before many of them proceed on any major projects.

Many of our Clients are now proceeding with their large projects based on working with a new “out of the box pragmatic” Leader, President Trump. Trump has already taken some steps to restore the USA’s economy by starting to reduce Federal Regulations (Goal is 2 for 1), Federal Government Freeze on hiring and actual real reductions in some agencies, and hopefully business and personal income taxes will come down, and of course the repeal Obamacare, with more changes on the way!

HGP suggests that President Trump give the country

A first time Comprehensive National Energy Policy (CNEP).

President Trump has promised to make America energy independent by removing the constraints on our country’s resources by utilizing all forms of energy (renewables, nuclear, gas, coal, and other).

The NEP will need to be updated every two years based on technology and market developments to keep America on track. Trump has said “Under my Presidency, we will accomplish complete American energy independence.

All of us at HGP Inc. want to wish all of our old, new and potential Clients a Safe and Successful 2017.

Fred W. Giffels, CEO Executive Consultant

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